Thu. Oct 17th, 2019

DIY Car Care Tips For You

A regular car maintenance routine is very important for every car owner. There are several reasons why you should keep your car in proper condition. The prevention of wear and tear gives your car an extended life. Also, when going on a long drive a well maintained car will let you enjoy the pleasure of the traveling by car. Expensive breakdowns can also be minimized to a great extent. However, you should keep in mind about the various levels of maintenance that your car needs.

First and foremost, in order to maintain a car and keep it in smooth running condition, you need to change the oil of your car, which is not that difficult, if you’ve the right equipment and the right amount of patience. But do you feel confident you can maintain your car yourself, with no professional help? If you don’t, in that case you could pay occasional visits to the mechanic who can take good care of your car.

Tuning the Car

Regular tuning up the car is really necessary, since the engine of a tuned up car lasts longer. Plus, with regular tuning, you will see that you car’s giving a better mileage for a longer time. As fuel prices are shooting up everyday, it is important to see to it that your car’s fuel consumption is not too much.

Tuning Your Car Yourself

Engine tune ups can be pretty expensive if you want a professional mechanic to do the job for you. You have to go to auto repair shop and hire a mechanic to help you out with this if your car’s in a bad state and needs care from an expert auto mechanic. However, if you have the necessary skills to tune your car the right way, then go ahead and do up your car.

What goes into the Maintenance of your Car?

Here are a few suggestions:

o You have to check your car for the battery levels at least four times every year. Every season you could go and get your car’s battery check up done. Add distilled water to the battery, if the battery levels are going down. You also need to check the cable clamps and terminals and maybe, you need to clean them with a bit of baking soda and a wire brush.

o There are also the spark plugs that you need to run a check on. After every 35,000 miles you need to get a new spark plug for sure. But if you are lucky enough to have platinum spark plugs you can change it or think of changing it after 65,000 miles.

o A major tune up also means that you get your distributor cap altered. But once again, if you are lucky enough to have permanent pones attached to the spark plug cables, then you really don’t need to change them. The rotor also needs timely inspection. But, the newer models of cars nowadays often come without one. So if your car doesn’t have one, then you don’t need to bother about it.

o If your car is supported by manual transmission then you need to take some additional care. The clutch needs regular adjustment, unlike newer model cars that come fitted with an adjustable clutch.

o The brake, the oil and the transmission fluids need to be checked continuously, in fact on a weekly basis, if possible. For every 3000 miles you need to get an oil filter replacement which gives your car clean engine oil that helps in extending your car’s engine’s life.

So, I hope now you realize the importance of car care. Even if you are not a certified car mechanic, you can still take care of the little things in your car which will surely help in keeping your car in good condition for a long time. With proper maintenance your car can give you super performance. True, car problems might still persist but if put in some effort behind taking care of your car, you will have less things to worry about smooth functioning of your vehicle.

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